Asking the right questions

When was the last time you stop for a moment and really ponder on a question?

  • Asking the right questions can lead us to see things from a different perspective;
  • Asking the right questions can lead us to a new discovery;
  • Asking the right questions can even open up doors that we would never expected.
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In the modern society we are in today, it is so easy to rely on Google search, wiki, or simply ask Siri to get the answer immediately with minimum effort.

Over time, we are so used to the instant results that we’ve lost the capacity to think critically for ourselves.

The ability to ask the right questions is perhaps one of the most important skills for your personal growth and development.

Surprisingly, School never teach us how to ask ourselves or others the right questions.

So for the last two months I’ve started challenging myself to practice asking questions through the ‘Quote & Question of the Day’. Here’s 30 questions that I’ve asked myself over the last two months:

  • What are you doing now for the future?
  • How can I even more enjoy and appreciate _________ as a gift right now?’
  • What are you going through right now, and how does this built your character in the long run?
  • What are you doing consistently to achieve your goals?
  • Are you trying the best that you can?
  • What are you chasing right now?
  • Are you you trying to please the people around you, or are you trying to go after what you want?
  • Do you know what kind of life you will be happy to create?
  • Do you choose to confront the challenge or do you choose to stay where you are?
  • How do we turn our curses into blessing?
  • What was your greatest lesson from failure?
  • Are you focusing on the short term or the long term?
  • Are you getting started on your dream?
  • Are you busy planting your own seeds, or are you busy admiring other people’s harvest?
  • Are you holding on to the past, or are you embracing the future?
  • Are you still working hard on fulfilling the promise you’ve made to yourself?
  • where is your gut feeling leading you right now, are you taking the right actions to act on them?
  • what are you still waiting for?
  • what is the reason driving you forward?
  • What does your daily routine looks like?
  • If you can start all over again today, what choices would you make this time?
  • how are you fighting back and being true to who you are while pursuing your dream?
  • How do you tackling the challenge in front of you at the moment?
  • Are you happy? Do you know what makes you happy?
  • Are you still hanging onto your dreams?
  • What is driving you forward when all hell break loose?
  • Are you choosing your destination, or are you letting someone else deciding it for you?
  • Are you busy planting, or are you busy admiring other’s harvest?
  • Is what you doing right now working for you? if not, what aspect of it should you change?

At last, I just want to share with you a informative video from Tim Ferris that talks about ‘How to Ask Questions Better‘.

My hope is that we will never stop learning and never stop asking questions to challenge ourselves and to challenge the status quote. All the best to our success. Take Care

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